digitaleidoscope Goes To twitterland

And now for a brief announcement: I’m on twitter. Hooray!

Disclaimer: I’ve technically been on twitter since ’08 (placing me firmly in Before It Was Cool territory), but I haven’t used it in the five years since and also I forget my login information. I still get the hipster cred, though, right?

Now that I’ve got another outlet for my… whatever it is that I do here, you can expect double the amount (additional disclaimer: this is a blatant lie) of awesome ‘leidoscope content! It’s the perfect place to share all my musings that don’t really merit a whole blog post. Trust me — it’ll be fun!

At the moment, though… you’ll probably only find a tweet linking to this blog post… linking back to twitter, which links to this blog… and so on. Recursion ho!

Also, this post is totally not just filler while I spend most of my time stressing over researching for final papers. Definitely not.

PS: I just discovered that if you search “recursion” on Google, it will ask if you meant “recursion.” And if you click on it, it will ask again, into infinity. I love you, Google.

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