Front Page (August 2017)

WADapalooza! Check out the most recent What’s Awesome, Doom? reviews: Scythe II, Counterattack, OCD-Doom, and this eight-for-the-price-of-one megareview! I also “reviewed” a “WAD” called “lilith.pk3.” I have no idea what’s going on. Please send help. Still not enough WAD news? Great! I’ve released a small tribute to the legendary 1997 WAD STRAIN for its 20th birthday. It’s called Return to Daro! And it’s not exactly Doom, but hey… there’s a Wolfenstein 3D mod that’s also awesome and I really wanted to talk about. Check out Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy on a Very Special Episode of What’s Awesome, Doom? Lastly, the Ascendancy LP continues, slowly but

The What’s Awesome, Doom? One-Map WADstravaganza!

By now you’ve probably noticed that I lean more toward bigger WADs and megaWADs to talk about on What’s Awesome, Doom? As a result, I have a growing list of one-map WADs I’ve either enjoyed or been meaning to play that’s just been getting longer and longer for years now… You know what the means! That’s right — it’s time for another special episode! Welcome to the One-Map WADstravaganza: eight single-level releases from the last five years or so. Let’s jump right to it, before I get wrapped up in some long, masturbatory introduction! Presented in alphabetical order:

What’s Awesome, Doom?: OCD-Doom

I adore Peter Hawes’ OCD-Doom… even if the WAD has jack shit to do with OCD. It’s a hard WAD to recommend, though. Its gimmicky focus means OCD-Doom has ended up with a relatively unflattering 2.5 stars on the /idgames Archive — and comments describing it as both “innovative” and “enjoyable” (5 stars)… and as “nauseating tripe” (0 stars). Hoo boy.

What’s Awesome, Doom?: Scythe II

Scythe II and I have a complicated relationship. I was a massive fan of Scythe years before the sequel was a thought in my head, so when II was released, I jumped on it like a rabid wombat. In the beginning, I was blinded by love for Erik Alm and the Scythe name. As the initial high faded, I found myself a tad disappointed. It wasn’t quite there for me — not quite what Scythe had been. And back in those days, I had an strange preference for tech maps, of which there were only five or so buried in

What’s Awesome… Wolf3D??

I’ll admit… I don’t love Wolfenstein 3D the way I love Doom. There are a few Wolf3D mods that I’ve given a look, and none of them seemed like much more than map packs: a bunch of new levels, maybe a new weapon and enemy or two. And I just don’t feel Wolf3D is modular enough for a simple map pack to be something to get excited about. At least not the way I get excited over some Doom WADs, even those that add literally nothing but a few maps. But a year or so ago, I found Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy. And it

Front Page (July 2017)

Lots of Doom news! For starters, I’ve released a small tribute to the legendary 1997 WAD STRAIN for its 20th birthday! It’s called Return to Daro! Version 1.2 of UnAligned has hit the /idgames Archive. I’ve fixed a few bugs that have annoyed me for months, and this should be the final, final, final release of the WAD — but it’s not the end of the UnAligned Cinematic Universe. Stay tuned for the sequel, coming this fall! Aaand June 30th was the one-year anniversary of my Doom WAD Absolutely Killed! The community seemed to like it well enough, and now’s as good a time as any