What’s Awesome, Doom?

Doom is closer to my heart than almost any other game. My relationship with the grandpappy of first-person shooters started in 1994 and it’s still going strong today, entirely due to the sheer amount of custom content there is out there. Doom is one of the easiest- and most-modded games of all time. This column is my attempt to explore the vast and chaotic sea of Doom WADs, diving into its dark depths and wrestling with the jaws of death to return with the biggest, shiniest pearls I can find. By which I mean playing a bunch of mods and telling you which ones are the absolute awesomest.

Episode 35: The One-Map WADstravaganza!
Episode 34: OCD-Doom
Episode 33: Counterattack
Episode 32: Scythe II
Episode 31: l͜i̸lith.͞p̶k3̛
Episode 30: What’s Awesome… Wolf3D??

Episode 29: Mano Laikas: A road to Gamzatti
Episode 28: Breach
Episode 27: Doom the Way id Did — The Lost Episodes
Episode 26: Tech Gone Bad
Episode 25: 13 Most Memorable Maps
Episode 24: Doom the Way id Did
Episode 23: Scythe
Episode 22: Monument
Episode 21: 50 Shades of Graytall
Episode 20: In Memory of Ty Halderman: Sacrifice
Episode 19: Oblivion
Episode 18: Favillesco Alpha Episode 2: Desecration on Thebe
Episode 17: Thy Flesh — Turned into a draft-excluder
Episode 16: Memento Mori II
Episode 15: Deneb Colony
Episode 14: Bedlam
Episode 13: Loathsome Cleft
Episode 12: Favillesco Alpha Episode: Apostasy on Amalthea
Episode 11: Flashback to Hell
Episode 10: High/Low 5
Episode 9: Deus Vult
Episode 8: 900 Deep in the Dead
Episode 7: Reverie
Episode 6: High/Low 2, 3, 4
Episode 5: High/Low 1
Episode 4: Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out of My Stations
Episode 3: Wire Brush
Episode 2: The Eye
Episode 1: Suspended in Dusk
Episode 0: A Beginner’s Guide to Doom WADs

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