Absolutely Killed

Absolutely Killed is a 9-map episode for Ultimate Doom which runs in limit-removing ports. Each map is designed around a unique gameplay “gimmick,” making them not quite your standard Doom levels. If you want something strange and a little different, and don’t mind sacrificing traditional run-and-gun action for something more arcadey, then you might just love this WAD.

The title “Absolutely Killed” comes from a line in the very first (very negative) review I ever read of my original WAD, Tower of Lies. After I’d picked myself up again and dusted off my fragile ego, I figured I’d use my next WAD to prove the critics wrong — or at least to try!

Update: Absolutely Killed won a 2016 Cacoward. I’m as surprised as you are!

Download it here, visit the Doomworld thread, or check out kmxexii’s in-depth review!

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