The UnSeries

UnAligned: 21 Days, 27 Maps, Zero Texture Alignment

Three episodes of classic, vanilla DoomUnAligned is my first megaWAD, created in exactly 21 days, and attempts to capture some of the essence of 1990s mapping. It’s bite-sized, unconventional, and intentionally under-detailed. The episodes roughly follow the theming of OG Doom, and each map is based on a different gameplay concept, meaning there’s a little bit of everything — and a lot more than just shooting demons!*

*But plenty of that too.

Download it here or visit the Doomworld thread!


UnNecessary: 30 Days, 32 Maps, Zero Texture Alignment; or,
UnAligned 2: A WAD No One Asked For

The highly UnAnticipated sequel to 2016’s highly UnDerwhelming UnAligned! 32 bigger, badder, and even more bizarre maps for vanilla Doom II. Tricks and traps, pits and puzzles, slaughter and scavenging — there’s something for everyone. If you liked UnAligned, you’ll… probably also like UnNecessary!

Download it here for visit the Doomworld thread!