The Blog’s New Clothes

As you may have noticed, digitaleidoscope has a new coat of paint. I tried and fail to tweak the old TRVL theme to my needs, but I just don’t know enough about CSS to really do much. Aplos, on the other hand, by default has better placement of widgets, allows me to display my pages right at the top, and even has an orange (yay!) and grey palette. So it was a no-brainer. Since I try to keep a record of what the blog has looked like over the years (really just for my own future curiosity), here’s a comparison…

On a Whim

…Hello! It’s been — well, it’s been a while, huh? It’s funny… how easy it is to get into a habit. I started this blog on a whim, really, and a few months into the gig, it felt like the way things had always been. (Tuesday post, Thursday post. Tuesday. Thursday. Tuesday, Thursday…) But it’s just as easy to get out of one, I guess. I stopped posting on a whim, too. I didn’t really mean for that anniversary post to be the last post for seven months. It just sort of happened that way. I missed a post and

One Year Later

A year ago, I started a little experiment. A challenge for myself. It was a writing exercise: to keep a journal of sorts. Twice a week, I’d write about something — anything, really — that was on my mind. Like a normal journal, except this would be on the internet — you know, because if I kept it to myself I’m sure I wouldn’t have stuck with it for long. A year ago, I called that little experiment digitaleidoscope. And a year later, I still don’t know how to pronounce it. A year ago, I got my first follower. Weirdly,


Some days are less good than others. I’m writing this at the end of one of those days, and it might be a bit too squishy a look into my life for you, but I’m going to write this anyway. The About page does advertise “unfiltered emotions,” after all; it’s about time I lived up to that claim. It’s a less-good day for a slew of reasons. Some are things that happened and some are things that didn’t happen. Things I said and things I should have said but didn’t. And most importantly, some things I didn’t do. I’m not

Proper Theming

I have a theming problem. With this blog, I mean. I also don’t have a very good eye for design. I had originally planned on going a while without caring, but that didn’t pan out. For some reason, people started reading this and then I suddenly felt like I had to make the place look nice. So I ate through half a dozen themes in a couple weeks before finally settling on one. Believe it or not — once upon a time, we looked like this:

The Technophile’s Curse

In the Digital Age, there is a new affliction sweeping the globe. A condition that affects millions of computer nerds and gamers alike. It’s called the Technophile’s Curse (well, it is as of right now): the complete inability to keep a normal sleep schedule. My mother always used to claim it was from looking at screens — CRTs back then, LCDs now. Something about too much light too late at night screwing up the body’s internal clock. That might be true, but I ain’t a scientist. Besides, I’m always the last person asleep even on nights when there isn’t a

A Post About Nothing

I don’t really have much to talk about today. … Wait, I’ll think of something! Don’t leave! Let’s talk about… having nothing to talk about. Hm. That sounded more exciting in my head. Even aside from the few times I’ve not been sure what to write about, my posting habits are iffy at best. When I started this blog, I committed to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule, and I’ve stuck with that so far — provided you count the two or three filler posts I’ve done. The twice-a-week thing was a conceit to get writing more — not just on here

Who Owns Your Blog? The Truth May Shock You!

…but don’t get too excited. The truth can’t shock you if I don’t tell you. Which would be hard to do because I’m still not sure myself. Content ownership is kind of a big deal on the internet. It’s also a big mess. Never before have we had a system anything like this, where you can put your heart and soul into creating something and, when you’re done, upload it instantly — to a service someone else owns — for the whole world to see. But that’s, like… a thing now. The other great thing about the internet is how


Hey! We’ve arrived! It’s the big five-two! If what I learned in school is correct, fifty-two posts at two posts per week is twenty-six weeks of blogging. And twenty-six weeks is six whole mo– Wait, no it’s not. My calculator says it’s six and a half months. But it’s six calender months, I think. I didn’t really check beforehand. I just assumed if there are 52 weeks in a year, there’d be 104 posts. So 52 would be half of a year and that’s… Alright — enough numbers. I’m celebrating digitaleidoscope‘s halfversary whether the math works out or not! (If

The Writer 3: Wild Job Hunt

Anyone else out there currently job-hunting? At the moment, I’m stuck in a perpetual state of sortofemployment and I’d really like to be actuallyemployed, so I’m jumping on that ol’ horse again. I have to say, the job hunt is not my favorite thing. If I had to put it somewhere on my list, I’d probably rank it slightly above having my wisdom teeth out or that one time I got beat up in the first grade. And it’s probably as stressful as talking to girls. Which is pretty stressful — right, guys? …right? Anyway, since I have learned so