The What’s Awesome, Doom? One-Map WADstravaganza!

By now you’ve probably noticed that I lean more toward bigger WADs and megaWADs to talk about on What’s Awesome, Doom? As a result, I have a growing list of one-map WADs I’ve either enjoyed or been meaning to play that’s just been getting longer and longer for years now… You know what the means! That’s right — it’s time for another special episode! Welcome to the One-Map WADstravaganza: eight single-level releases from the last five years or so. Let’s jump right to it, before I get wrapped up in some long, masturbatory introduction! Presented in alphabetical order:

What’s Awesome, Doom?: Loathsome Cleft

If you ever decide you want to send a little something for my birthday, I’ll say this: forego the greeting card and go right for the baked goods. Handmade, if you can. Those are what really take some time and dedication. And it’s personal; you do it with your own two hands. Who would pass that up for the cleverest greeting card in the world? Anyway, James “Phobus” Cresswell’s Loathsome Cleft…