The Blog’s New Clothes

As you may have noticed, digitaleidoscope has a new coat of paint. I tried and fail to tweak the old TRVL theme to my needs, but I just don’t know enough about CSS to really do much. Aplos, on the other hand, by default has better placement of widgets, allows me to display my pages right at the top, and even has an orange (yay!) and grey palette. So it was a no-brainer. Since I try to keep a record of what the blog has looked like over the years (really just for my own future curiosity), here’s a comparison…

Proper Theming

I have a theming problem. With this blog, I mean. I also don’t have a very good eye for design. I had originally planned on going a while without caring, but that didn’t pan out. For some reason, people started reading this and then I suddenly felt like I had to make the place look nice. So I ate through half a dozen themes in a couple weeks before finally settling on one. Believe it or not — once upon a time, we looked like this: