Silent Storm — Mission 19: Drop the Hammer!

We’ve got work to do. We finally know what the ultimate goal of Thor’s Hammer was. And where their base is. But we’re on the clock. Their grand plan is even more ambitious than we thought. It’s not the panzerkleins or the beam weaponry alone that they’ll use to take over the world. Any moment now, they’ll be launching a weapons platform into orbit. It’ll be capable of hitting any place on Earth — wiping any city, or country, from the map if they oppose the Hammer. That orbital weapon is preparing for launch as we speak at the Hammer

Silent Storm — Mission 18, Part 1: Never Trust Switzerland

Let me get this straight. You couldn’t make it as the hero in dumb action movies, so you decided to be a dumb action hero in real life. …more or less. Uncle Petr, owing us a favor, lets us raid the building. Not only that, but he doesn’t even get upset when we start rifling through locked containers! And firing weapons inside! And breaking into the top secret documents in the basement!

Silent Storm — Mission 15: Yep, They Make Swords For Panzerkleins

That settles it. If Thor’s Hammer can mass produce panzerkleins, we need to end their operation for good. Don’t be hasty! I’d, um… very much like to see what else these suits can do. Yeah, why head home when the six of us can basically win the war by ourselves? That’s not our job. While the Allies and the Axis duke it out, Thor’s Hammer can grow unopposed. Whichever side wins the war, they won’t be able to stand up to the Hammer. This is not about the war. It’s about what happens afterward. You’re right, I guess. But… But

Silent Storm — Mission 13, Part 1: Plot Is Happening

Well, now we know where Koch’s rocket ship was made. Th’ engines, at least. Let’s get in there an’ shut ’em down. While this new information is very interesting, we shouldn’t let it distract us from the matter at hand. The Germans are not running the show here, and it’s time to stop dragging our feet and investigate who is. This “Thor’s Hammer.” You mean… go to Russia? Yes. I understand you have a number of leads directing you to facilities in the Urals, and that you have known about these facilities since before I was a member of this