Here’s what’s happening on DIGITALEIDOSCOPE right now:

I was interviewed by Shacknews’ David L. Craddock for their titanic article on Doom, past and present! It’s apparently the longest feature ever posted to Shacknews. Read all about how much of a scared baby I was when I first started playing Doom!

The Dubtaks run of Ascendancy is complete! Spoiler: We may have caused a galactic war.

New menus! I’ve added a new dropdown for Reviews, as well as putting more content under Essays. There’s a lot of aging content on this blog that’s still worth reading, so I thought this was a good way of giving it more attention.

UnAligned, my third Doom WAD, is out! Play it right now!

And, as always, I hope you check out my older stuff, either by category at the top of the page or by date over on the right. Thanks for stopping by!