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UnNecessary: 30 Days, 32 Maps, Zero Texture Alignment; or,
UnAligned 2: A WAD No One Asked For

The highly UnAnticipated sequel to 2016’s highly UnDerwhelming UnAligned! 32 bigger, badder, and even more bizarre maps for vanilla Doom II. Tricks and traps, pits and puzzles, slaughter and scavenging — there’s something for everyone! If you liked UnAligned, you’ll… probably also like UnNecessary!

Currently in development; check out the Doomworld thread.


Return to Daro: A Love Letter to STRAIN

July 3rd, 2017 was the 20th birthday of my all-time favorite Doom WAD, STRAIN. To celebrate the huge anniversary, I put together a four-map tribute WAD called Return to Daro. It features all the classic STRAIN demons, weapons, and runs in vanilla Doom just like the original.

Download it here or visit the Doomworld thread! You can also grab the STRAIN WAD and DEH patch here, which are required to play Return to Daro.


UnAligned: 21 Days, 27 Maps, Zero Texture Alignment

Three episodes of classic, vanilla DoomUnAligned is my first megaWAD, created in exactly 21 days, and attempts to capture some of the essence of 1990s mapping. It’s bite-sized, unconventional, and intentionally under-detailed. The episodes roughly follow the theming of OG Doom, and each map is based on a different gameplay concept, meaning there’s a little bit of everything — and a lot more than just shooting demons!*

*But plenty of that too.

Download it here or visit the Doomworld thread!


Absolutely Killed

Absolutely Killed is a 9-map episode for Ultimate Doom which runs in limit-removing ports. Each map is designed around a unique gameplay “gimmick,” making them not quite your standard Doom levels. If you want something strange and a little different, and don’t mind sacrificing traditional run-and-gun action for something more arcadey, then you might just love this WAD.

The title “Absolutely Killed” comes from a line in the very first (very negative) review I ever read of my original WAD, Tower of Lies. After I’d picked myself up again and dusted off my fragile ego, I figured I’d use my next WAD to prove the critics wrong — or at least to try!

Update: Absolutely Killed won a 2016 Cacoward. I’m as surprised as you are!

Download it here, visit the Doomworld thread, or check out kmxexii’s in-depth review!

etrn01 etrn54 etrn69 etrn115
etrn84 etrn05 etrn247 etrn70


Tower of Lies

My first release! Tower of Lies is a single (limit-removing) hell-themed map for Doom II where you start in the bowels of Hell and scale your way up a tower and to salvation — or so you hope. It’s an experiment in making the player feel as though he or she is going up and up the floors of the tower without actually using 3D floors. Instead, it’s all done with teleporters and visual tricks.

General consensus is that the experiment didn’t work, but that it’s an atmospheric map (largely thanks to Mark Klem’s “Simple Solutions”) with some cool visuals and fun set-piece moments. I’d say I pretty much agree with that assessment — but try it out for yourself and see what you think!

Download it here!

lies_02 lies_03 lies_04 lies_05
lies_06 lies_07 lies_08 lies_09

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