30 Games That Made Me Who I Am: 1999

In the very early 1990s, Sierra owned a chat room… online gambling… games service… thing called ImagiNation Network. I have no idea what any of the games on ImagiNation Network were called, but one of them was a multiplayer RPG that made me aware for the first time of the possibility of worlds inhabited by other real people. I didn’t actually play one of those multiplayer games until the The Realm, an awesome 1996 multi-user dungeon my brothers and I could only ever play using the free trial, so we were forever creating our characters anew when the trial expired every 30 days. In the

Let’s Level Up Our Farming Skill!

So we’ve started a garden. Yeah, I know this is a blog about the Digital Age, but occasionally it’s nice to get back to basics, even for us nerds. To get down to earth. To get our hands dirty. And actually, maintaining a garden is a little videogame-y, if you think about it. I just recently got back into Lord of the Rings Online, and it’s interesting how similar they feel. (I’m not crazy, I swear.) There’s that same slow crawl, the work-at-it-a-little-every-day mentality. Except in an MMO you’re fighting monsters and crafting items (I have a character who farms,