In less than a week, I’m going to be back here. In this place, right up there. Or somewhere nearby. I’m not sure I have any classes in Coburn this semester… but you get the idea. I’ve written about this place once or twice. Made reference to it when I took some photos near the campus. But I’ve never come out straight-up and said it, so here it is for posterity: This is UMass Lowell, where I go to school, and this is one of my favorite places on Earth. For a year now, I’ve made my home-away-from-home here —

Soft Reset

It’s that time of year. Well, one of those that times. Time for a reset. The stress of research papers, exams, final projects distracts you enough not to really see it coming. Then, suddenly, it’s right there staring you in the face: the end. The end for now, anyway. Did you have the chance to say goodbye to everyone you met over the semester? To throw a thank you at the professors who inspired you and really taught you something? To just take in the atmosphere of the campus, the place — the community — that you won’t be a

Images of Summer

Where I live, we’ve just had our second good snowfall. It’s getting pretty darn cold, too. It may not technically be winter yet, but it’s good enough for me. I’m a big fan of winter, for the record. It’s my second favorite season, right after autumn. But for everyone who gets down in the dumps around this time of year, with all its grey, cloudy, slushy dreariness, I thought I’d try to brighten things up, even if it’s just for a minute of your day. So here are some way tacky close-ups of flowers that I took two summers ago.