Pokemon Silver — Chapter 2: A Wild PokeVirgin Appears!


Time to take the first steps on a terrifying Pokemon adventure. We’re about to leave the safety of New Bark Town behind.


The tall grass awaits…


portrait_cidYou ready, buddy?

portrait_farisNot really. But do I really have a say in this?


We make it almost all the way through the grass, and then…


It’s on.


portrait_cidWell. I have no idea what a Sentret is, but it doesn’t look dangerous. It’s even got a target painted right on it for you.

portrait_farisYeah, I got this.



Three Tackles and the Sentret is done.

(For the record, since I don’t have access to PokeBalls at this point, the capture rules of the Nuzlocke aren’t in effect yet. I’m guessing once I deliver the message to Mr. Pokemon and then return to Elm, the game will start letting me capture Pokemon. That’s how it worked in Blue, anyway.)


Good news is that we’re out of the grass and it doesn’t look like any of the folks on this route want to battle.

Though it’s a little more winding than I expected. I’m pretty sure the next town’s to the west, but then there’s this path northward.


Don’t think it’s worth the risk yet. We’ll come back later.


We hit the next clearing without any battles. There’s a building here, but it turns out it’s just a few guys doling out sage advice.



Luckily, when we set out again, we still don’t run into any wild Pokemon. We roll up to the next town — Cherrygrove — without issue.


And this guy’s waiting for us…

portrait_oldmanHey there, kiddo. Let me give you the tour.

Uh… alrighty then.

portrait_oldmanSo, we’ve got a POKEMON CENTER. They heal your POKEMON.

Yep, I’m definitely gonna need that.

portrait_oldmanThere’s a POKEMON MART, too. They sell BALLS for catching wild POKEMON.

Really need those.

portrait_oldmanAnd up north is Route 30. Trainers will be battling their prized POKEMON there.

Ugh. Don’t need that.

The old man gives us a Map Card for listening to his spiel. But even after his explanation, I don’t really understand what it’s for.


Thanks, I guess.

Now let’s head back to the Mart and grab some PokeBalls.


…There are no PokeBalls here. You lied to me, old man.

We do pick up a few antidotes just in case, though. I’ve never really been concerned about poison before, but the stakes are a bit higher on this run. I ain’t taking any chances.

The sun’s gone down by the time we get back outside. Even though it’s only like 6:30.


But we’ve got a lead on Mr. Pokemon. Off to Route 30.


There’s a nice little cabin a short ways up the road. And a weird-looking tree.


A berry, huh? According to the guy inside, it sounds like Berries are a healing items. Cool.


He’s nice enough to give us another. We’ve already got a Potion, too (from I forget where), so we’re in good shape healing-wise.

Another minute of walking, and we’re here.


Alright, Mr. Pokemon. What’ve you got for us?


portrait_cidYep, that’s me.

portrait_mrpokemonGreat. PROF.ELM said that you’d visit. This is what I wanted him to look at.


portrait_mrpokemonA couple who run a POKEMON daycare gave me that EGG. I wanted PROF.ELM’s input.

portrait_cidSo do Pokemon not normally lay eggs? What’s the big deal?


portrait_mrpokemonAnyway, please take it ELM. Thanks.

portrait_cidAlso, who’s that guy over there?


portrait_mrpokemonOh, him? That’s PROF.OAK.


portrait_cidOh my gosh. The world-famous radio show host?

portrait_oakThat’s right, sonny Jim! I’m the top POKEMON researcher in the world, thanks to the tireless work of many unpaid interns such as yourself! Here, take this POKEDEX. It’ll record information about the POKEMON you find. I could go out there and do the field research myself, but it’s just too dangerous!

portrait_cidWait, do I remember you from Kanto?

portrait_oakNow that you mention it, were you that kid who took my Bulbasaur and never came back?


portrait_oakI assumed a Rattata ate your face off and you were dead on the side of the road somewhere. So where’s my Bulbasaur?

portrait_cidIt’s, um… dead. See, the battery that stored the save file in the cartridge I was playing on… uh…

Yeah, we’ll just be going.


As soon as we’ve bolted out the door, a call comes in from Professor Elm.


Something’s up at the lab, but Elm hangs up before he tells us what.

portrait_cidDamn. Let’s double-time back there, Faris.


Of course, on the way back, we actually run into wild Pokemon.


We blaze through two Hoothoots before reaching Cherrygrove. Faris hits level 6 and learns Smokescreen, though we don’t have time to test it out.


She’s taken a little damage, so we rest up at the PokeCenter before leaving for New Bark Town.


Unfortunately, someone’s waiting for us…


Someone we really should have called the cops on when we had the chance.



Well, I know where this is headed. Our adventure might be about to come to a premature end.

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