Front Page (December 2016)


A new theme! Again! We’re back from a seven-month hiatus (oops?), and it felt like about time to make things look a little sleeker around here. Pictured above: the new and old themes, Tortuga and Aplos, respectively. As you can also tell, I’ve replaced the page of recent posts with this what’s-new-in-town type page. Partially because Tortuga is a little shitty and breaks literally all formatting when previewing posts, but mostly because I think this will be clearer to people stumbling on the site for the first time.

UnAligned, my third Doom WAD, is out! Play it right now!

I also won a Cacoward for my previous WAD, Absolutely Killed. Holy shit! My mother is very proud, I’m sure.

And in Let’s Plays, the Ascendancy LP will be returning! We’re on course to Science the Shit Out (TM) of the galaxy as the Dubtaks. After that, it’s all-out war in a second playthrough, with the Swaparamans taking center stage.

And, as always, I hope you check out my older stuff, either through the tabs at the top of the page or by date over to the right. Thanks for stopping by!

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